School Fees

School fees are a very important in educating a child. To give your child the best possible education, ensure that you meet the obligation of paying your fees timeously.

The school fees for 2022 will be R20 000.00 per learner.

Fees are due and payable in advance and are due and payable on the 1st January 2022. If parents are unable to pay the fees upfront, they may be paid in 10 equal instalments (as resolved at the AGM) commencing on the 1st January and ending the 1st of October 2022. If one instalment is missed and outstanding by the due date, the full outstanding amount of school fees will become due and payable.

Fees may be paid in full by the 31st December 2021 in which a discount of (10%) will be granted:

  • 7% if the school fee is paid in full by 31 January 2022
  • 5% if the school fee is paid in full by the 28 February 2022
  • Sibling Discount will be 5% granted in October 2022 ONLY on accounts that are up to date

In terms of Section 40 of the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996 you are liable to pay these fees and the SGB may enforce this payment by taking legal action if the fees are not paid. Schools Fees are a statutory obligation.