Rosebank Primary School
Established 1906 - Johannesburg

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  • Rosebank Primary School (JHB)

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Thank you for the interest you have shown in applying for a placement at Rosebank Primary School.

There are no application forms available on the website. 

All application forms will need to be collected from the Schools office and all supporting documents will need to be submitted in person.

Please note that the online admission process will be between the 20th May 2019 and 22 July 2019. 

Please note that applicants enrolling for Grade 0 must turn 5 years of age by the 30th June 2020 and Grade 1 applicants must turn 6 before the 30th June 2020


The language of learning and teaching at Rosebank Primary is ENGLISH, therefore it is imperative that your child be able to speak and understand it.

Please be aware that the First additional language (FAL) from Grade 1 to Grade 3 is Afrikaans. Grade 4 to Grade 7s have a choice between Afrikaans and Zulu - this must please be indicated on the application






Child's Information

Male Female
Child's Citizenship
Country of Birth
Home Language
Previous school attended
Name of Sibling already attending Rosebank Primary School
Name of Sibling currently on Rosebank Primary School's waitlist
Has your child any previous history of learning difficulty?
Yes No
If "yes" please indicate areas of intervention: (please tick the relevant block)
Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy Play Therapy Remedial School Placement
Individual Education Plan Full Assessment Physiotherapy Remedial Therapy AIT

Who is the child's official Parent / Guardian?
Who does the child live with?
Where did you hear about Rosebank Primary?
Will your child require the Rosebank Primary Bus Service? Yes No

Family Information

Fathers Details
First Name
Last Name
Physical Address
Postal Address
Telephone Home
Telephone Work
Father's Occupation

Mothers Details
First Name
Last Name
Physical Address
Postal Address
Telephone Home
Telephone Work
Mother's Occupation

This form is designed to ensure a real life human fills out this form. We know its irritating, but please bare with us.

"Manners Makyth Man"

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